This is Not a Credible Offer

For more than a decade, Wisconsinites have been asking for a transparent, independent, nonpartisan redistricting process to create voting maps. No amount of claims by Robin Vos that he has finally seen the wisdom of our request will make these most recent GOP shenanigans credible.

AB415 is a ploy to manipulate the system and have folks believe that it is the solution to Wisconsin’s extreme partisan gerrymander.

The evidence of their contempt for the people of Wisconsin is in the biennial budget and other bills that have passed this session that DO NOT address the needs and wishes of the people. They did not use the state surplus to provide real childcare support, mental health services, public school funding, and they didn’t overturn the 1849 abortion ban or pass gun violence protections that the majority of us want. Instead, they’re trying to destroy our democracy and take away our freedoms – firing the Wisconsin Elections Commission Administrator, threatening to impeach a State Supreme Court Justice, making it more difficult to vote, and eliminating protections for teen workers. That is just to name a few of their recent stunts.

AB415 was thrown together to look like the often referenced ‘Iowa Model,’ but they also placed major loopholes in it to ensure they would remain in control. There was no committee hearing, no input from the public or any of the many organizations that have been working on this issue for years, and no consultation with Assembly Democrats. Plain and simple, they introduced it like it was some new idea.

Let’s see AB415 for what it is, a bad faith offer.

We need FAIR MAPS.