“think of today’s federal government as a multi-division racket controlled by the highest bidders. The Wall Street division is run out of the Treasury. The Health Industry division is run out of the Department of Health and Human Services. The Big Oil and Coal division is run out of the Departments of Energy and Interior. And the Foreign Policy division is run out of the White House, Pentagon and CIA.

Each division uses public power for private gain through insider dealing, greased by corporate campaign contributions and lobbying outlays.”

Professor Jeffrey Sachs


Anyone paying attention knows Medicare Advantage plans are costing the Federal Government far more than if the government simply provided the same benefits to seniors and retirees without a corrupt, parasitic middle-man. Doesn’t matter. Insurance companies contribute to campaign funds.

Anyone paying attention knows the US department of Defense does nothing to defend Americans. But it sends a trillion dollars a year to Lockheed, Boeing, General Dynamics, and other arms industries, and they in turn send millions to legislators. Oh – and give these legislators 7 figure jobs when they leave congress. Can’t pass up a deal like that!

Anyone paying attention knows Americans pay far more for healthcare than any other industrialized country with national public healthcare while leaving us #40 in longevity, but the private healthcare industry funds campaigns. Nothing to be done.

Anyone paying attention knows oil and coal corporations are destroying the planet, reaping record profits, and receiving government subsidies to boot, but they send a bunch of money to politicians, so just have wreck the world.

Anyone paying attention knows our infrastructure is crumbling before our eyes. Sorry. The “Defense” Department needs the resources and let’s not forget those 7 figure jobs.

Anyone paying attention knows our public education system is being destroyed by billionaires (think Betsy DeVoss) making money through privatizing education and monetizing our kids. But hey, a politician has to make a buck and the billionaires have them. Besides, working class kids don’t need an education. Just work and be quiet.

Anyone paying attention knows seniors are being evicted from nursing homes and assisted living facilities because Wall Street hedge funds are buying these services up and low-income elderly cannot afford the new predatory rental prices. But have you ever seen the contributions Wall Street throws at congress? You know, those seniors are going to die before long anyway. A few weeks on the street might be exciting.

Anyone paying attention knows the Federal Reserve Bank is nothing more than a servant to the billionaire bankers on Wall Street, but banks are political buddies. Ya know? Just have to bail em out with public funds now and then. You actually can fool all of the people all of time! Especially since the major media outlets are owned by the same billionaire class. Nice deal. Watertight.

Anyone paying attention knows this could go on and on, but why bother. Just realize Sachs is right – the US Congress is the world’s biggest racket. A gangster organization really.