Sometimes all it takes is someone sharing a photo that draws attention. “They’re planning a mine here—not a joke.” This photo above is worth a thousand words and received one hundred shares  on Facebook in very short amount of time. This photo woke sleeping giants that walk among us for the good. This mining project is slated for this year.

Anyone who has spent time in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan has seen the bountiful beauty, the waterfalls, Lake Superior, and the endless forests. The Porcupine Mountains State Park, especially the Presque Isle scenic area, all resting on the shores of Lake Superior, is absolutely priceless. Why would anyone want to destroy this?

Highland Copper aims to mine under State Park land, under the Presque Isle River, and possibly even under Lake Superior. This would be in the west end of the Porkies. Plans are for the water to be drawn from Lake Superior for industrial uses. Lake Superior holds one-fourth of the world’s fresh water. There will be altering of wetlands and streams as well. Adding to all this, there is also interest in redeveloping the White Pine Mine, on the east side of the Porkies, and using this for milling the ore and storing hazardous mine waste; forever. White Pine was initially closed around 1995, and there have been many environmental contamination concerns such as tailing basins and brownfields. This is ecocide and no one is taking ownership of this burden, except maybe you and I, the taxpayer. This project will literally “bookend” the Porkies. Picture that, a mine on each end of the Porkies.

We know there has never been a sulfide mine that does not pollute. Why are our law makers allowing our waters to be polluted with heavy metals? This is a Canadian based copper company coming in to intentionally and deliberately destroy our land. Copper is not a critical mineral, and it can be much more easily recycled but this seems to fall on deaf ears due to greed; greedy people that tell us there is no money in recycling.

Again, we need to speak up, and speak up now and loudly. Our rivers and streams sustain life and should have the same inherent rights and protection that people and corporations do. Make your voice heard, it is my responsibility and yours to speak out for our earth. Our water is a source, not a resource. Speak out before every drop of clean water is gone. Water is life.