“Let the workers in these plants get the same wages — all the workers, all presidents, all executives, all directors, all managers, all bankers — yes, and all generals and all admirals and all officers and all politicians and all government office holders — everyone in the nation be restricted to a total monthly income not to exceed that paid to the soldier in the trenches!   Let all these kings and tycoons and masters of business and all those workers in industry and all our senators and governors and majors pay half of their monthly $30 wage to their families and pay war risk insurance and buy Liberty Bonds.   Why shouldn’t they?   They aren’t running any risk of being killed or of having their bodies mangled or their minds shattered. They aren’t sleeping in muddy trenches. They aren’t hungry. The soldiers are!  Give capital and industry and labor thirty days to think it over and you will find, by that time, there will be no war. That will smash the war racket — that and nothing else.”

 “I spent thirty-three years and four months in active military service as a member of this country’s most agile military force, the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from Second Lieutenant to Major-General. And during that period, I spent most of my time being a high-class muscle-man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the Bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.”

― U.S. Marine Corp General Smedley D. Butler, War Is A Racket!: And Other Essential Reading


It is time we Americans get over the ridiculous notion that the US Department of Defense has anything to do with defending America. Butler had it right years ago – the US Department of Defense is the world’s largest gangster organization, the world’s largest terrorist organization, and if titles are to describe reality, it should be renamed the US Department of Murder for Money. Because that’s what it is. It’s the US Military/Industrial/Congressional/Presidential/Murder for Money Complex. That’s all it is.

We can no longer whitewash the evil America has been inflicting throughout the world for decades. From Korea and Vietnam, to Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, to the deliberately provoked war in Ukraine, and now the US arms support for the slaughter in Gaza and the West Bank where the horrors being committed by Zionist Israel equal or surpass the worst the Nazis did to the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto, all are based on lies. Millions of innocents have died and are dying to support the US Department of Murder for Money.

The US Congress and President Joe Biden just passed the largest military budget in history. With the inevitable add-ons, it will exceed a trillion dollars in 2024. It is greater than the total of the next ten largest national military budgets combined – including Russia and China. To support the richest of the rich and to fill the campaign coffers of politicians, the horrors will continue.

In passing this terrible budget, you, dear legislators, are the baby killers, the murderers of pregnant women, you are the ones who dismember the children, who leave them without arms and legs, who blind them for life and slaughter their parents, you are the racketeers and gangsters who murder for money.