Historically, two of the strongest indicators that a dominant “empire” is irreversibly in decline, are the financialization of its economy (manipulating money to make money – effectively parasitism) and excessive militarism (to defend and spread its parasitism). The US now exhibits these indicators in spades. Our nation, the United States, follows the path of previous great powers exiting the stage.

But again, speaking historically, the equation is different this time around. Humanity, for the first time, faces two great threats to our actual ongoing presence on Earth – global warming and the growing likelihood of nuclear Armageddon. The import of just how the current waning empire departs the stage is historically unprecedented.

We Americans must accept – it isn’t a matter of “if” or “when” the US is going to lose its preeminence. This process is already well along, and like empires of the past, we have done it to ourselves. Yet this need not be a bad thing. The passing of the American Empire is not the passing of the good people of America. Along with the historically unprecedented danger of the moment, there is extraordinary cause for hope.

The world is crying out for cooperation, crying out for the good of all, crying out for the most noble of human aspirations, and crying – shedding blood and tears – for the end of imperial domination. The people of America represent less than 5% of the world community.  We are not exceptional. We are mongrels – offspring of everywhere, people of the world. And now that world is asking us to join. Not as “exceptional,” but as brethren.

We presently have leadership in the US and Western Europe that is lost in an ideology of the past. But the technologically enabled people of the world are moving irresistible and irrevocably on. Whether we accept it or not, China, India, Russia, Asia in general, and visionary movements in South and Central America and Africa are leaving US dominance behind. But they welcome the people of America. We are all on the same Spaceship Earth – we are all vital crew members for the voyage.

We are privileged to be living through a time of tectonic shift in the human journey beyond the control of individuals and nations. The power of cooperation is great. It is the power of brotherhood, sisterhood, and love. It appears the Universe wants us to survive.