To the man-child who would be king the rebuke and contempt is coming fast, hard and clear when on November 7, 2017 elections loudly stated that the people of the country finally began to answer, “Hell NO, we won’t take it any more”. No to the Alt Right puppeteers, to those who wish to invalidate our Constitution and Bill of Rights and the words of the Declaration of Independence. For, as his main guide to the Dark Side, Steve Bannon stated, “I want to dismantle our administrative government”, because he and those he represents feel our Constitutional democratic Republic along with the Constitution and its checks and balances, meant to serve as its foundation and guide are outmoded and unnecessary. We, the people, cherish Truth, Justice for All, and desire for a better, cleaner democracy untainted by the Big money of Citizens United and lobbying that caters only to the lust for money and power. Let the vote be a resounding No to the sycophants, opportunists, and ultimately enablers of the most deceitful, lying, incompetent, delusional, racist, pathological leader this nation has seen.

Let’s show the world We Stand with Reason, because Steve Bannon was right, “This is a War” with the Alt-Right, which he represents, working to destroy our system of a Constitutional Democratic Republic from the inside. It is a war as true as the one against ISIS. It is as true a war as the one waged by President Putin in our election and through his manipulation via cyberspace, and via his knowing the American psyche seemingly so well he can play us as fools via our social media. Well, we have been fooled and now we must rise and regain our senses.

We fought and won against the evil forces of oppression, terror and death and destruction manifested in the ideologies and practices of fascism, nationalism, and militarism 72 years ago. Its cost worldwide was an estimated 60 million lives. Putin wants to regain the lost empire of the bygone USSR and then some. He is not unlike those we fought and defeated in World War 2. Putin thought he could get more by now with helping put the man-child, Trump as the President. He loves the problems our system is embroiled in and only wishes that it were easier to remove the sanctions. He is not our friend, but our main adversary.

This is a war where we were attacked in cyber space and there are no dead, bloodied bodies or casualty reports to raise our desire and id driven need for furious retribution and revenge. Cleverly played the attempt is to control our minds and make our system a bumbling failure. The easy way to control our minds is to create a tsunami of fake news and de-legitimize the real news and always work to divide us with racism, since it is a cancer we can’t seem to get rid of. If we develop a strong nationalism as the man-child president wanted to display by not mentioning article 5 of the NATO treaty, thereby asserting through the act of omission we will not stand with other countries if Putin wants to move on Europe and take as many countries under his control as possible. Fortunately, the man-child had to acquiesce, and acknowledge article 5 of NATO and also issue further sanctions begrudgingly on President Putin.

It is no wonder an evil opportunist like Bannon rose from the trash heap of Breitbart, of which he was the former CEO, to take the helm and become Trump’s brain. By all accounts Bannon is in line with the Nazis, white supremacist, KKK and Putin’s ideologies. The Alt-Right is an umbrella group that includes all these evil, brutal and heartless ideologies, and any other like them. They also do not believe in “political correctness”, for which their man-child in the office of the presidency needed no coaching. So, to side with or clap for anything Bannon speaks or rants is to encourage and enable this representative of the Dark Side of human nature and that is the Enemy from within. The cancer is in the system and only we through reason and rationality and truth and the vote of the democracy we live under can irradiate it.

The man-child wants to flex our nuclear muscle and foolishly provoke the truly despotic, and extremely evil North Korean military state ruled by a leader who really is unpredictable. Kim Jung Un knows full well it is not a good future as part of a total nuclear waste land. Yes, we are powerful enough to destroy all life on earth, but, face it, he only wants the security to pursue the status quo and his own survival. Any taunting with our degree of power and to all who think it is a wise thing, look at the pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As a species we know we are a very, very powerful nation. The Big Question is do we as a nation and the world have the good sense and real wisdom as the species Homo Sapiens to venture so close to the doorsteps of Armageddon? It seems the arms race for humanity, no matter which degree of power we possess becomes the new vogue, will ever end and that is why we and all nations must work together rationally to limit proliferation of nuclear weapons without a venturing to the precipice of madness. This is why I believe the Iran Agreement was the best reasonable approach at this time. And it is why we should never think we can play games with taunting and bullying anyone with such a capability.

We must continue to protest and end the reign of the man-child president and his self-enriching family by getting out the vote and to vote Democratic so that his party will not serve to administer his madness and blatantly accept his buffoonery and total incompetence. We must get back to more competent, qualified people who respect the truth and serve with true honor and commitment to the Constitution. At some point we must end the evils of Citizens United and lobbying so that government is not the key to those who would sell their souls for money and power. It is very unfortunate the Supreme Court seat of Antonin Scalia was stolen from Merrick Garland. As they wish to load it with justices who lack a good moral compass. To rid our government of the temptations that permeate it like a cancer eating away at every moral fiber, we need more judges who know the right thing and do it.

Because every day has been a charade and mockery of the system we truly need to honor, and a great deal of harm has already been done, we cannot afford to lose another vote. We must continue to work to repair the harm already done and to replace those who would continue to take us down even further. Our lives and the lives of our children and the hope for a better future depend on how we act. If we don’t act for rationality, fairness and humanity not just for us but for the world we leave to our children, then not only will so many have died in vain for our country and its promise to the world, but our actions will be a certain damnation for us all and for the world we live in.