Anyone who was of high school or college age in the 1960’s remembers the black comedy sitcom, The Addams Family. It was a delightful show with strange and morbid characters one couldn’t help but love. One of these characters was the little girl named “Wednesday.”

There have been subsequent productions of The Addams Family, but the most recent is the new TV series “Wednesday,” based on the original little girl, but now as a young woman (played by American actress, Jenna Ortega) coming of age and “leaving her family’s spooky mansion for the halls of Nevermore Academy.” A wonderful video of Wednesday dancing at a school dance has been viewed by millions on YouTube. If you have not done so already (or even if you have) take the time to watch it. You cannot help but laugh!:

Now, let us travel to Russia, land of Slavic barbarians, the evil empire, home of the gangster Putin, the people we must learn to hate. In this frame of mind, take 4 minutes and 43 seconds to watch the YouTube video of one of the world’s greatest figure skaters, Russian star Kamila Valieva, perform the “Wednesday” dance on ice:

Now tell me, how can we hate these beautiful people? If we cannot see our common humanity in the “Wednesday” dance, where is there any hope?

Though it was never their intent, two strong, disciplined young women, one an American actress, the other a Russian figure skater, are bringing the world together. Two strong young women, from different nations and cultures, are telling us we are the same. We must listen.

We, the people of Planet Earth, desperately need to come to together. The growing disasters from global warming and the escalating threat of nuclear war, require no less.

We are being led horribly astray by ideologically brainwashed leaders with insane illusions of world dominance by the “indispensable nation,” the “exceptional people,” led horribly astray by a military/industrial/congressional complex and the merchants of death, so blinded by their insatiable greed, they have become willing agents of their own suicide.

I do not know how, but we must end this insanity. Perhaps the strange and lovable Addams family can morph into the “family of man.”