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Fairness, least change and gerrylaundering

Governor Evers asked the commission to create legislative and congressional maps without partisan bias or advantage, while holding true to traditional redistricting criteria.

Evers delivers State of the State address into a political whirlwind

Gov. Tony Evers began the last State of the State address of his first term and, effectively, the kickoff of his re-election campaign, in his trademark folksy style.

At what price power?

On January 21, 2022 concerned citizens from the Wausau area bravely weathered frigid temperatures to stand outside and raise their voices with “End Gerrymandering Now signs.”

Clipping the governor’s control of federal funds

Republican authors of the proposal contend it would restore the Legislature’s rightful place in deciding how the state spends the money, now largely controlled by the governor.

Election coverage: One Thing

There is usually a question, or as I am calling it - One Thing - that voters ask that does not get answered by other media affiliates

Rallies scheduled to show support for Fair Maps

On Friday, January 21, at noon, Fair Maps will hold “Fair Courts End Gerrymandering” rallies. These will be held at more than 15 locations throughout Wisconsin.

League of Women Voters lawsuit seeks to reactivate over 31,000 purged voters

The Wisconsin Election Commission’s actions in purging the voters are in violation of the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of due process, the League argues in it’s complaint to the U.S. District Court of the Western District of Wisconsin.

A bad week for ‘endangering democracy’

Over the past week, Republicans — including a state senator who chairs the Senate’s election committee — have blasted Speaker Robin Vos’ 2020 election probe as a “charade” that is harmful to democracy.

An open letter to Rep. Scott Krug

Hospitals are being bogged down by unvaccinated people requiring treatment for a preventable illness.

Help Pollinators By Collecting Wild Common Milkweed Seedpods In Select Central Sands-Area Counties

The DNR seeks donations of mature milkweed seedpods from select Wisconsin counties to aid plantings on state prairies.