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The need for Goldilocks interest rates

Humans have engaged in economic activity for many thousands of years. Even hunting and gathering groups engaged in barter and trade.

New Options for Using EBT

During my working years, I spent a lot of time working for agencies that helped people living in poverty. I firmly believe that the poor are best served by those who have shared experiences.

Wisconsin Poor People’s Campaign holds teach-in

Housing costs and large scale acquisition of homes by multibillionaire asset manager groups such as Black Rock, as well as a gross miscalculation of the number of true homelessness — by half — paint a bleak future for working and low income people securing a safe abode or buying a home and building equity.

Currency and latency

While many of us think of metal coins and paper money when we think about currency, the earliest commodities of traded value were not minted or printed.

Waste not…

I was just a low level “grunt,” but I saw and participated in a lot of waste. So when I write about waste in the military budget it is not based on political opinion or cherry picking the numbers.

Joint Finance Committee designates funds to in-person schools

Republican members of the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) announced that they will use $68.6 million (10%) of federal funds designated for K-12 schools to reward schools offering in-person instruction. This money will be awarded to school districts based on the number of hours of in-person instruction provided during the 2020-2021 school year. This does not affect the $617.5 million of federal funding earmarked for schools based on the Title I formula.

Retiring the Corporate America flag

Throughout the past few years, so much of what I believed has been turned onto its head. Most notably, my view that corporate influence on government is the greatest threat to democracy.

What Happened To the Notion of Us? A Declaration of Action

What is to become of us as a nation? Do we talk about each other in those terms or do we talk about how we function as a nation as “us and them.” I am not blameless. My worldview has been shaped by my experiences. I am human and I am guilty of viewing those on the other side of the political fence as having little empathy for others. But deep in my heart, I do not want to believe it to be this way. We are all being played - played by the Koch Brothers, the 1% ers and their ilk. We are constantly bombarded that “others” are to blame - the poor, the Unions, the teachers or insert your identified villain of the day here _________. We are ...