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Being anti-science does not mean someone cares about animals

One issue I wrote to [Sen. Ron Johnson] about several years ago was inhumane and unnecessary cosmetic testing on animals. At the time, there was a bill proposed that would make cosmetic testing a thing of the past. The bill had nothing to do with medical testing, yet I received a response from Sen. Johnson that defended medical testing of animals.

Happiness, simplicity, and other worthy pursuits

The other morning, while watching snow gently falling, outlining the lampposts and trees, I felt peace. More than that, I felt happy. Soon after, I found myself asking, “why can’t others find happiness in these simple things?” Of course other people do, but maybe not enough. Will, my significant other, has said to me, “sometimes I feel like asking people, ‘have you ever turned around to watch the sunrise?’” It is a question that should be asked of people who resort to violence. Surely there must be some deep unhappiness that leads people to act as they had during the January 6th Capitol riots. We know that the rioters were believ...