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The need for Goldilocks interest rates

Humans have engaged in economic activity for many thousands of years. Even hunting and gathering groups engaged in barter and trade.

What does it take to be an ambassador?

The term “ambassador” goes back to the 14th century, but the idea of sending emissaries to other countries to help in assuring international cooperation goes as far back as we have had nations.

If government is to work for the people, the people must work for it

I know people who do not know how to change a tire, or even how to check the oil. This so aggravates me. Let's take a complex system, ignore the complexity and treat it like a black box. This is absolutely a recipe for disaster. I see this problem with cars, technology and with our government.

Climate and children

Climate change threatens water, food, security, health, and children. Fortunately, there are effective solutions.

The body PoliTech

I started this project to show you that there are tools we can use to automate some of our research.

Moving Forward in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, the chauvinistic, conservative – and I would add racist – voice of the Republican legislature is obstructing just about everything good for people. A number of “clearly common sense” actions are being blocked or ignored by political leadership who – as Jimmy Carter once said about Republicans – “are men of narrow vision, who are afraid of the future.”

Wisconsin Senate Bills beg the question: What’s in a name?

On February 5th, three bills were read into the record for the first time this year. These three bills are all related to food labeling. While this is a topic which may not gain as much press as many other subjects, it is a topic which we should keep a very close watch on.

Retiring the Corporate America flag

Throughout the past few years, so much of what I believed has been turned onto its head. Most notably, my view that corporate influence on government is the greatest threat to democracy.


TELL LAWMAKERS TO KEEP THEIR HANDS OFF GAB. By Joyce Luedke An August 25, 2015, editorial in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel states: “As we suspected, a state audit released last week found no major problems with Wisconsin’s nonpartisan Government Accountability Board, which handles ethics complaints and supervises state elections. Of course, you wouldn’t know that from the rhetoric coming from Republicans in the Legislature, some of whom want to gut this government watchdog.  Citizens of this state need to send them a strong message: NO. When even the MJS writes an editorial asking citizens to speak up to support the GAB and what it is ...


CELEBRATE FREEDOM ON JULY4TH WEEKEND… By Middle Wisconsin Editorial Staff On this July4th weekend, celebrate freedom. There are different versions of “freedom” in our society, but here is our version: “If you get cancer or break a leg and do not have health insurance, you are not free. If you can’t get a decent education, you are not free. If you are a woman and do not control your body, you are not free. If you cannot marry someone you love, you are not free. If your work largely benefits only the wealthiest of the wealthy and not you, you are not free. If you are treated with suspicion or disdain because of your ...