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Food equity starts with farmers markets

FoodShare, also known as SNAP, EBT, Quest card, and formerly known as Food Stamps, is one of the most effective government programs for lifting people out of poverty.

On the very triggering, but oh so important topic of diet

If I am eating something, I want to be in the moment. It gives my brain a chance to process what I am doing so that it is less likely for me to go overboard

New Options for Using EBT

During my working years, I spent a lot of time working for agencies that helped people living in poverty. I firmly believe that the poor are best served by those who have shared experiences.

Go vegan for Earth Week

My alma mater, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, has long celebrated not just Earth Day, but Earth Week on its campus. I too celebrate Earth Week, and honestly attempt to do right by the planet everyday. While we need far more than the actions of individuals to tackle problems such as climate change, some individual actions really do make a difference. One of the most impactful is to adopt a plant-based diet.

Wisconsin Senate Bills beg the question: What’s in a name?

On February 5th, three bills were read into the record for the first time this year. These three bills are all related to food labeling. While this is a topic which may not gain as much press as many other subjects, it is a topic which we should keep a very close watch on.