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Help Pollinators By Collecting Wild Common Milkweed Seedpods In Select Central Sands-Area Counties

The DNR seeks donations of mature milkweed seedpods from select Wisconsin counties to aid plantings on state prairies.


FARMS NOT FACTORIES By Joyce Luedke (This letter was written to Mr. Bill Clark, Environmental Review Supervisor, DNR Service Center, 810 W. Maple Street, Spooner, WI 54801) Re: Proposed Badgerwood LLC Swine CAFO in Bayfield County—Comments on EIS Scoping Dear Mr. Clark: “We offer these comments on the scope of the Badgerwood swine CAFO Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to ensure that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) independently, thoroughly credibly evaluates the Badgerwood proposal.  As you know, we had requested the DNR to undertake an EIS. We greatly appreciate that it will do so.  We ask that you adopt our ...


How do we forget over two hundred years of the Wisconsin dream? How do we look at what our fathers and mothers bequeathed us, and throw it all away for the promise of more jobs, or less taxes? Are we so much less than previous generations that we can throw out any measure of the ideal we expect for our children and our children's children? I am asking these questions of my neighbors and fellow statesmen, because that is exactly what Scott Walker is asking us to do with his current budget proposal. In one fiscal proposal the governor is asking us to dump the Wisconsin Idea, a philosophical ideal that has guided this state's university system, and ...