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The chaos of constant toxic competition must end

Honestly, there are times when I feel like I should self-censure and retreat into a reclusive existence for the sake of self-preservation.

Masks over ribbons

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that a pink ribbon is for breast cancer awareness.

Invisible discrimination against the disabled

Have you walked into a store and found the layout makes less sense? How about running a computer software upgrade and then having to find where your most useful features have wandered off to? These can be minor annoyances to people who are not mobility, mentally or visually impaired but if you suffer from one or more of these disabilities, these changes can be downright frustrating or may make it impossible to complete a task.

Moving forward on voting

Since Biden won the presidential election, Republicans have been waging a coordinated, unpatriotic war on democracy and voting rights. In Wisconsin, Sen. Ron Johnson and Rep. Tim Tiffany continue to repeat the blatant lies about “election fraud” and Biden stealing the election. GOP legislators in Wisconsin, and across the nation, are pushing bills to make voting more difficult.

Technically disabled

Like more than 80% of blind and visually impaired Americans, Mr. Davis is unemployed. Like many blind and visually impaired people he is employable and does want to be active in the community.

Some thoughts on the role journalism plays in society

Unity is more than just a good idea; it is vital. That isn’t to say that we must unite to create false equivalencies and accept fiction as though it were fact. We must restore faith in an objective truth, one of the tenets of good journalism.

Happiness, simplicity, and other worthy pursuits

The other morning, while watching snow gently falling, outlining the lampposts and trees, I felt peace. More than that, I felt happy. Soon after, I found myself asking, “why can’t others find happiness in these simple things?” Of course other people do, but maybe not enough. Will, my significant other, has said to me, “sometimes I feel like asking people, ‘have you ever turned around to watch the sunrise?’” It is a question that should be asked of people who resort to violence. Surely there must be some deep unhappiness that leads people to act as they had during the January 6th Capitol riots. We know that the rioters were believ...