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Surplus another ‘golden opportunity’ Republicans are determined to miss

The announcement Tuesday that Wisconsin’s projected surplus is $2.9 billion higher than the already “unprecedented” June surplus projection was hailed by Republicans and Democrats alike. 

Neighborhood Investment Program is meant to fund needs, not wants

The Economic Development Committee (EDC) has told the city of Wausau that it has applied for $10.5 million from the Neighborhood Investment Program to fund a pretty pedestrian bridge in Wausau’s Opportunity Zone (WOZ) "vision” for the redevelopment of the former Wausau Center Mall.

Investing in Wisconsin Infrastructure

This flier about a series of presentations is being shared as a public service for the of Women Voters of Wisconsin and American Society of Civil Engineers. These presentations will cover the state of Wisconsin's roads, bridges and other infrastructure within the state.


PREVAILING WAGE By Nancy Stencil Oh my, such the times we Wisconsinites are living in! Wages are stagnant and income equality is at an all-time high in America. I can't believe the attacks that Wisconsin Republicans snuck into the budget at the last minute…provisions that will lower wages for all of us and weaken our middle class. The prevailing wage bill failed to pass using the normal democratic process. Weakening the prevailing wage was slipped into the budget, just days before it was signed, in order to avoid public debate and scrutiny. Prevailing wage is a law that protects our construction workers from poverty wages and also attracts ...

Potential Impact on Environmental Education of the Proposed FY 2016 & 2017 Budget

Information provided by Jeremy Solin, Director (interim) of the Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education at UWSP: The infrastructure of environmental education in Wisconsin is in jeopardy. The proposed Wisconsin state budget affects the Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education, the Department of Public Instruction Environmental Education Consultant position, and the Wisconsin Environmental Education Board. Environmental education inspires people to pursue STEM-related careers in science, technology, environmental management, engineering, natural resources, green building, energy, and many more. Perhaps more importantly, environmental ...


How do we forget over two hundred years of the Wisconsin dream? How do we look at what our fathers and mothers bequeathed us, and throw it all away for the promise of more jobs, or less taxes? Are we so much less than previous generations that we can throw out any measure of the ideal we expect for our children and our children's children? I am asking these questions of my neighbors and fellow statesmen, because that is exactly what Scott Walker is asking us to do with his current budget proposal. In one fiscal proposal the governor is asking us to dump the Wisconsin Idea, a philosophical ideal that has guided this state's university system, and ...


Following is the text of the speech given by Joel Lewis, Marathon County Board Supervisor from the 5th Supervisory District, at the February 19, 2015 Citizen Action of Wisconsin media event in Wausau, WI. Labeled the “Badgercare Iowa Fix,” the event was to encourage Wisconsin legislators to accept Federal Medicaid/BadgerCare dollars as the state of Iowa did, rather than inflict huge cuts to the University of Wisconsin system. At a time when politicians are bickering over how to best create jobs, I can hardly believe that we are seeing budgets from our elected officials that could kill or are killing jobs! Our governor has run on a continued ...

Let’s Pay the Bills First – Senator Kathleen Vinehout

The following article is a reprint of a recent news release by Senator Kathleen Vinehout to the people of Wisconsin. Middle Wisconsin feels strongly that the citizens need to be aware of the harm being done to our public schools and our children by the transfer of tax dollars to private institutions.   Let's Pay the Bills First by Senator Kathleen Vinehout “I don’t want another cent from the state until you guys pay the bills,” the business-owner from Durand told me. “I am tired of hearing about tax cuts and deficits.” “I want all the bills paid: schools, roads, Medicaid, the tech colleges, the debt, all of them paid. Then ...