Ron Johnson’s Ads Are Ridiculous

I normally do not watch much television but will tune in to CBS Sunday Morning. Most of the time, I am blissfully spared the ridiculous political adverts that are known to cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and high blood pressure; all things I could do without.
This last Sunday morning, I tuned in early to watch a bit of fluff known as local news coverage; basically, sports and weather. A lot of people running for office look to buy up time during local news programming, and none are taking up more air than Ron Johnson.
It is laughable that he is trying to run as a Washington outsider as he has been in Washington for more than a decade, having first been elected in 2010. All his challengers are Washington outsiders.
What is more troubling is how he claims his plan to limit spending will benefit those on fixed incomes and the working poor. It is only by virtue of increases in Food Share benefits and a pandemic expansion of Medicaid that these groups have been able to weather inflation. I know. I am an actual poor person.
Politicians believe they can tell all kinds of lies about poor people because this is a demographic that seldom votes and does not often speak up. I speak for the poor, and I vote in every election, and I am calling out these lies. The cuts Johnson wants would only hurt us.