Rights of Nature

Since we kicked off the Rights of Nature Wisconsin effort in late 2022, we have made some significant progress.  When you join the call (link below), you can see our video, the website and other materials, hear about local resolutions and more.  More importantly, you will learn what comes next and how we can all be part of building this movement and restoring our proper relationship with the natural world.

What exactly is Rights of Nature?

We envision a world where the inherent rights of nature are respected and protected, and where the natural world is recognized as a living, breathing entity with its own intrinsic value and worth. We believe that all living things must exist in harmony, and that the health and well-being of the many interconnected ecological systems of the planet is essential to the health and welfare of all beings, including humans.

Let’s start with how is nature treated under commerce? Let’s use water as an example. Many communities are looking for help with their water. Under the current environmental legal structure, it legalizes harm! Regulations are written by the extractors. Is there an issue in your community? How far have you gotten without local control? It is time to build a new reality. Join us.


Here is a link for people to register to join the Rights of Nature Zoom event on September 25 at 6:00 pm:  Rights of Nature Wisconsin Sept 25 at 6 pm