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For Release: Thursday – October 2, 2014

Wisconsin Voter Photo ID
What College & University Students Need to Know

The reinstatement of Wisconsin’s Voter Photo ID law on September 12th – just 52 days before the November 4th general election – has put the ability to cast a ballot at risk for many college and university students across the state.

A Wisconsin college student ID is valid at the polls as long as it: hasn’t expired; has the student’s name, photo and signature; includes issuing and expiration dates; and the ID does not expire more than two years after the date it was issued.

The problem is, student IDs issued prior to and at the beginning of the semester by 13 out of the 14 University of Wisconsin System schools (including UW-Madison) do not meet all of these criteria.

While schools are scrambling to address the situation, with new IDs starting to be made available to those who request them, students still have to be made aware of the changes to the law AND they have to take the initiative to get an ID.

The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, universities, campus groups, CC/WI and other advocacy organizations are doing what we can, in the little time we have, to amplify the message that an acceptable voter photo ID is needed (and needed now!) and that students must take action.

To further help raise awareness, we have created a simple, downloadable fact sheet for students, a quick reference guide on what students need to know before they head to the polls on Election Day.

Last week, we sent out a link to a printable flyer providing the basic information all Wisconsinites need to know to ensure they have the proper Voter ID with which to cast a ballot.

Please share both of these flyers widely.

Voting is a right that none of us can afford to lose.

Make sure you have the proper ID – and do whatever you can to raise awareness and help others get the ID they need in order to vote on November 4th.

And if you’d like to do more to help ensure no eligible voter is denied the right to cast a ballot, then volunteer to be an election observer. The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin provides online training, a reporting form, a polling place assignment and numbers to call on Election Day if you have a question or need to report a problem.

It’s a simple way to make a huge difference.



Sandra Miller
Director of Information Services & Outreach