Response to SCOWI Decision on Absentee Ballots/Drop Boxes

The recent decision by the Wisconsin Supreme Court prohibiting the use of absentee ballot drop boxes and leaving the question of assistance in completing a ballot is unconscionable! Wisconsinites with disabilities and others who need help to vote who were particularly impacted by the court’s ruling prior to the April 2022 primary election and they will continue to be impacted.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) brought the original case, and the Federalist Society brought a second. Why would WILL and the Federalists want to limit how Wisconsinite’s vote? Who benefits from limiting absentee voting? Who benefits from making it more difficult for people with disabilities to vote? How does outlawing drop boxes promote democracy? And why would the Wisconsin Supreme Court rule that limiting how ballots can be cast is appropriate?

The answer to this: WILL, and those who support them, believe that by limiting access to voting they can ensure Republican victories in more elections.

For democracy to function for everyone, EVERY eligible voter must be able to cast their ballot securely and easily. Partisanship has no place in our voting process or in our courts.

Make your voice heard.  And encourage others to do so as well. Check to see that you are registered at and vote in every race in every election.