Remembering Ted

Ted Sperduto passed away on December 3, 2021. Ted was one of the founders and leaders of NAOMI (Northcentral Congregations Organized to Make and Impact). Ted left us doing what he did best, responding to a friend in need, responding to a request for help. On Sunday, August 21, 2022, Ted’s friends from NAOMI gathered on the east lawn of the First Presbyterian Church in Wausau where a tree has been planted in Ted’s memory. There is also a bench where one can sit and reflect.  It is there where friends gathered for an informal service and a chance to express their feelings. Ted’s friend Brian Mach wrote this special poem. It was read by Ron Alexander.

For the dedication of our Memorial Tree

You are life! You are a tree! You breathe! You live and grow!

And above all else you are a Memorial Tree!

You breathe for us; you grow your leaves, mature, and prosper!

You are a tree of life!

You are also what life is truly about with the changes of season!

You are a small tree but grow and grow just like God’s plan!

In winter you are frozen in time with frost but awaken and bring us hope with your leaves in the Spring!

You are a beautiful tree, and you live with the memory of me!

Please know this day that I will always be by you when you walk past my tree!

I will see you daily enjoying your walk or in a car or walking with your loved one in tow!

I will always see you!

~Brian Mach