Remembering Global Warming Lessons

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“Why don’t people remember?” my old friend asked. We talked of how we learned about global warming through our grade school Weekly Reader in the 1950’s. We remembered global warming being discussed in our Sunday school classes because we all wanted to help God save his living creations on earth.

Over 55 years ago global warming was taught in our schools. Real data was used, with the application of scientific methods, to predict what could happen. We looked at different scenarios if actions weren’t taken, like heating or cooling from the “greenhouse effect.” Parts per million of carbon dioxide was a key concern with how much our air could hold. We knew that evidence was increasingly clear and all of us needed to work together for the future. Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring was published in 1962, launching the environmental movement.

During the 1970’s we saw action to protect our environment. Senator Gaylord Nelson started Earth Day. Political parties worked together to establish the U.S.EPA. The Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species Act was passed. We learned the importance of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.” President Carter called for citizen preparation for the effects of global warming and put solar panels on the roof of the Whitehouse.

As the 1980’s evolved to the present we’ve seen incredible efforts to convince us that global warming changes are natural occurrences or not true. Since 2000 the best global warming scientist in the world, Dr. James Hansen, and others were silenced by the Bush administration. When Dr. Hansen finally took the scientific data to the newspapers we were shocked with the information he presented. President Reagan had already taken down Carter’s solar panels.

Well paid marketing companies have convinced many that global warming doesn’t exist while insurance companies, our military and others are planning for it. Now, crisis looms as some electrical and heating suppliers are ill prepared to meet minimum EPA standards and serve the common good of our communities. Propane is now being rationed in Wisconsin and the cost is rising. Will our water supply be rationed next?

The good news is there are many who have been working toward well planned solutions. The peoples’ laws and regulations have been in place for years. As we see the effects of global warming evolve into the erratic weather patterns of climate change we must hold executives and politicians accountable to all laws. It is critically necessary so that the public can continue to build a clean, healthy, diverse world for generations to come. Our future generations will remember what we do today but we must act quickly and wisely now.