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WINNERS in Colorado and Ohio….

Education, Inc. is the excellent video showing the Koch-sponsored candidates winning in the School Board race in Jefferson County, Colorado in 2013. If you saw the film you will remember the ultra-conservative School Board throwing out a popular superintendent and completely shutting out the citizens from all decisions. The situation got so bad that thousands of students walked out.

In the past two years, local citizens organized and worked very hard to recover their school board. In a recent election they did just that. By a vote of 2 to 1, three new public-education candidates were elected to Jefferson County School Board.

Ron Mitchell, one of the winning candidates, said: “You collectively, every single one of you, have given every teacher in this district hope. Let your teachers know you appreciate the work they have been doing. We have shown disrespect and demonized our teachers for two years and I am tired of it.”

A similar thing happened in Reynoldsburg, Ohio in their recent election. Pro-public education candidates defeated ultra-conservative candidates. “At issue were class sizes that had ballooned to 40, a merit pay proposal that would have evaluated teachers on the basis of standardized tests.” Last year the teachers went on strike for three weeks.

The three new board members promise to “rebuild trust among the board, educators and community.”


Wisconsin Public Schools are feeling the results of $16 million transferred to public-funded private schools.

Public schools must pay for vouchers for the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program. The money is taken from state aid.

A total of 142 public schools districts have students who use taxpayer-funded subsidies to attend private schools.

Racine lost $4.2 million, according to the DPI. Racine can add an additional $5.6 million to its property tax levy as a result.

The next highest loss is Green Bay Area Public Schools, losing $1.1 million in aid.

Stevens Point Area Schools will lose almost $300,000 while Wausau School District will lose $344,226 in aid.