Protect Workers

We are calling on politicians in Madison to immediately take up a number of pro-worker bills designed to boost wages, promote pay equity, ensure fair scheduling and protect retirement security.

The Legislature should hold an immediate vote on bills that protect Wisconsin’s workers and move our working families forward. A number bills, outlined below, that support and uplift working families have languished in committees since their introduction. Now is the time for these bills to receive a vote.

The Fair Scheduling Act (AB 866)

Authors: Rep. Hebl (D-Sun Prairie) and Sen. Hansen (D-Green Bay)

This bill addresses the havoc wreaked by unpredictable and ever-changing work schedules on working people’s lives. It is difficult for many workers to line up childcare on a moment’s notice, or to budget for monthly expenses without predictable scheduling.

The Equal Pay Transparency Act (AB 213)

Authors: Rep. Sinicki (D-Milwaukee); Sen Hansen (D-Green Bay)

This bill will protect privacy of past wage and salary history from employers. Under current law, potential employers can compel applicants to disclosure personal financial data in terms of past salary or wage history. Working peoples’ wages and salary history is personal and should be private.

Raising Wisconsin’s Minimum Wage (AB 814)

Authors: Rep. Sargent (D-Madison); Sen. Wirch (D-Kenosha)

This bill would raise Wisconsin’s minimum wage to $15 an hour and adjust for inflation in the future.

The Wisconsin Private Secure Retirement Act (AB 403)

Authors: Rep. Genrich (D-Green Bay); Sen. Hansen (D-Green Bay)

This bill provides a solution to retirement insecurity for Wisconsinites by proposing to create the Wisconsin Private Retirement Security Board, which would establish a private retirement security plan to provide retirement benefits for any Wisconsin resident who chooses to participate.

Contact your legislator today and tell them that instead of attacking local control, it’s time to support families by voting on positive policies that uplift workers and give families the freedom to make ends meet.