• School Referendums

Some state legislators have introduced Senate Bill 355 and Assembly Bill 481 that would tell us when school districts can go to referendum and how often. The bills dictate the financing methods as well.

These bills take away local control. Local public schools need to be kept in the hands of our local citizens. How can state politicians take over our public schools?

Public schools have received the largest funding cuts in state history. Small rural districts are struggling to keep their doors open and the furnace turned on. SB 355 and AB 481 would put more pressure on already struggling public schools.

Local citizens know best what is good for their community school. School districts go to referendum because that’s the last option available to receive enough financial support to maintain high standards of public education.

It is ridiculous that politicians now want to prevent us from providing all students with the best public education. Call or send a message to your state representative and state senator.

For more information, go to voters-to-approve-new-resources-for-schools.