Please Contact Your School Board

I am the parent of a first grader in the district. There are hungry children in our Wausau schools. I’m working on the “no thank you table/food pantry” at my son’s school. But we need accessible food pantries established on-site in all our schools. We need a clear district policy addressing this critical need.

Some schools have food pantries already, or the beginning phases of one. Some of our schools have greater needs than other school, but there are hungry students in every school and we need one in every school.

There is so much opportunity for donation – local grocery stores, food bank donations, business food drives, grants, school food drives – and the opportunities for improvement are endless.

Every child is entitled to be treated with dignity, to have a sense of self worth and sense of who they are. When they are hungry, their chances are diminished and our community as a whole is diminished. Please help them.

When our students succeed, our community succeeds. You are the individuals with power to actually make something happen; I am just a parent volunteer and concerned citizen.

Please contact Wausau School Board members, urging them to establish food pantries in every school. Here are the names and addresses:

Lance Trollop <>,

Theresa Miles <>,

Beth Martin <>,

Mary Thao <>,

Jeff Leigh <>,

Lee Webster<,

Kathi Whalen Geiger <>,

Jane Rusch <>,

Pat McKee <>,