Patrick would say … ‘Meh’.

So many of you have listed them so completely already.

There are many.

I’ll just leave that business here; I have never met another human being who so perfectly demonstrated in his life … ethics … integrity … public service to both his local and global community. There, done.

Patrick and I have known each other for about 15 years or so now.

We found affinity and commonality in our love of activism, the written word, wordsmithing, truth seeking, all of that but most profoundly … a love of nature, wild places, wildlife, protecting wildlife and capturing it with our cameras. I include some of my favorite images here as homage to the inspiration Patrick continuously offered me.

I never went on a Good News mission with him, wish I could have, but we got involved in some local missions together over the years …

‘Almost’ homeless Ken, along with Brian Mach and Dr Riverond. I learned so much from that experience. Thanks Patrick for getting me involved. Ken was warm and not hungry and left us in the comfort of a warm bed. Patrick’s patience while working with Ken was inspirational, to say the least.

We worked together occasionally, to bring needed attention regarding observations in the local parks we haunted … to the attention of those in charge. We both became ‘first name basis’ associates for those park officials.

However … what I will remember most about our time hiking together was the constant banter about … anything and everything … with a focus on local politics and the natural habitats we loved. Nice combination of subject matter, eh?

As has been documented by others, Pat loved to explore, and that included my mind … and I his, on things we both considered important. And yes, his wry sense of humor would bubble up occasionally. We always had a couple good laughs on our little journeys. We covered both the deep end and the shallows. And we always had to stop walking and give the ‘deep end’ stuff our full attention. I will miss those walks and talks … greatly.

Finally … I have Patrick to thank for helping me leave the petty out there on those walks. He had no idea he was helping me in this regard. We were both completely comfortable saying exactly what was on our minds. I suppose I helped him out a bit with this also.

Patrick was such a powerful bastion of clear and uncluttered thinking … and fairness. Oh, he would call out BS when he saw it. Perhaps I helped him out a bit in that regard as I have never been bashful there.

We taught each other stuff … without ever pursuing that … it just happened.

Thank you, Patrick.

For everything.

I am grateful that I got to know you … and your beautiful family.