• moral compass

Our moral compass is “an inner sense which distinguishes what is right from what is wrong, functioning as a guide for morally appropriate behavior.”

A recent comment from state Republican Representative, Bob Gannon, should raise concerns regarding our moral compass and how it guides us as citizens of Wisconsin.

In response to an altercation involving a shooting at a mall in Madison, Gannon says citizens should arm themselves to “clean our society of these scum bags.” He says armed citizens should shoot to kill aiming for vital organs in the “center mass” of a person.

Here are five questions to ask ourselves.

One. Who will determine whose life is not of value and needs to be taken out by a bullet meant to kill? Will it be:

A. Rep. Gannon who has such little regard for human life that he would promote shooting to kill?

B. armed citizens who will patrol the malls, the streets, the parks and open spaces–the very symbols of our rights and freedom to assemble without fear?

Two. Who will determine which armed citizens will be tasked to shoot to kill—“to clean our society?” Will it be:

A. the government?

B. any citizen—you, our neighbor, the shopper at the mall?

Three. Once armed citizens are given the license to wipe our society clean of the undesirables, who will be labeled “scum bags?” Will it be:

A. anyone who doesn’t look like us or believe as we do?

B. the protester or the person who petitions the government?

C. women? A Republican presidential candidate says “a woman’s ugly face and body” are “offensive” and calls women “fat pigs,” “piece of ass,” “dogs.”

D. the poor, the homeless, the disabled, anyone needing a helping hand?

Four. Once our society is “clean” who will be left?

Five. What is your moral compass directing you to do when fear, hate, intimidation, and intolerance are used to denigrate the majority of people who could be deemed as undesirable?