Open Letter to the Elections Director

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Wisconsin Elections Commission

201 W. Washington Av.

Madison, WI  53703                                                                                                          September 25, 2023


Dear Director Wolfe:

I have one word for you  “STAY” . . . do not give in to those truth liars and manipulators in the State legislature!!   You have earned the right to stay where you are for as long as you want in our opinion.  You have faithfully executed Wisconsin election laws by providing approved and legal guidance to clerks all over the state.  Moreover, you correctly demonstrated the best of a working democracy in 2020 when you oversaw efforts to confirm the accuracy of Wisconsin election results.  That those liars and manipulators in the State Capitol want to revisit 2020 election results to claim a fictious result is a shameful attempt to change history.

We are PROUD OF YOUR WORK and want you to stay on as our Election Director.  Keep it up; don’t give up!!