ON THE BOOKSHELVES… “Wisconsin Bucket List: 100 Ways to Have a Real Wisconsin Experience”

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“In my opinion, it is entirely possible that America’s Dairyland was once a shooting star
that traveled from the Milky Way and landed in the heartland of our great nation.”

— Kelly Jo Stull, author of The Wisconsin Bucket List

Looking for a home-grown GRADUATION, RETIREMENT, or FATHER’S DAY GIFT to kick off the summer travel season?

Wisconsin Bucket List: 100 Ways to Have a Real Wisconsin Experience is a compendium of 100 iconic Wisconsin attractions that will warm your heart as you laugh and nod in recognition of your own childhood memories and musings.

Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame in Hayward, WI

Have you had your family’s picture taken inside this Musky’s mouth at the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame in Hayward, WI?

If you were raised in Wisconsin, it’s likely this book will get you fired up to make plans with your friends, children, or grandchildren to re-create some of your favorite childhood road trips, like taking a tour of the Wisconsin River on an amphibious truck known as a “Duck” in the Wisconsin Dells or visiting the FREE 28-acre Henry Vilas Public Zoo in Madison. Marvel at the Iola Old-Car Show, enjoy a decadent piece of mile-high pie at Osseo’s Norske Nook Restaurant & Bakery, take in a Milwaukee Brewers game at Miller Park, or hike and camp on Rib Mountain in Wausau or another state park this summer. Other ideas like dancing at a powwow, visiting a Wisconsin lighthouse, or spending the night on a houseboat under the stars are sure to hold the interest of kids of any age.

This book is a great reminder to put down that electronic gaming device or smartphone and really SEE and EXPERIENCE the beauty of Wisconsin right in front of your eyes.

NOTE: This hardcover book is intended to be a user-friendly checklist with occasional photos and commentaries by the author (no operating hours, driving directions, or detailed descriptions of the 100 attractions are included).

The Wisconsin Bucket List: 100 Ways to Have a Real Wisconsin ExperienceRaised in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, author Kelly Jo Stull grew up taking all sorts of back-road adventures with her family, stating:

“Those miles of smiles crisscrossing the state that has given us Cheeseheads, Harley Hogs, and The Fonz have also paved a highway to my heart for the memorable places and fun family experiences that help make Wisconsin a backyard of national treasures.”

After moving to Kentucky, her friends (the authors of The Kentucky Bucket List and The Key West Bucket List) inspired her to re-live her Midwestern childhood memories and to write a book of her own. So, Stull headed out in her minivan to traverse the scenic roads of Badgerland to document some new family memories and create The Wisconsin Bucket List.

Is the road-trip song “100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” stuck in your head yet? (If it wasn’t, it is now!)

Visit Kelly Jo Stull’s website for more details, or you can click here for a list of bakeries, resorts, independent bookstores, and gift shops around the state where you can pick up a copy of this enjoyable book, printed on 100% Wisconsin paper by Worzalla Printing in Stevens Point.

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Whether you were born in Wisconsin or are a newcomer, we’re sure you’ll agree that summers in Wisconsin are truly the stuff of POETRY…