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The grassroots group was founded by Pam Kobielus in July 2014 in response to the attacks on our quality public schools in Northern Wisconsin communities. In less than a year, the membership has grown, by word-of-mouth only, to more than 500 non-partisan public school parents and supporters.

NPE PhotoThe group has grown so rapidly because members strongly oppose money taken off the top of local public school budgets. This costs $64 million annually.

No Vouchers Coalition opposes the siphoning of public taxpayer money to subsidize privately-run, for-profit and/or religious schools. This is estimated to cost $800 million over the next decade.

No Vouchers Coalition disapproves of Special Needs Vouchers passed by the Joint Finance Committee in the dead of night over the strenuous objections of parent and disability rights groups.

Voucher schools need to be held accountable which has not been happening.

No Vouchers Coalition confronts our elected officials of state government, asking for reasons for their vote. Recently the group filed an Open Records Request to reveal the number of e-mails, letters and phone calls made to Representative Mary Czaja in support of fair funding for public schools.

From their Facebook page, you can find more interesting data:

“Many of the tax dollars going to private voucher and charter schools aren’t helping needy children from “failing.” They’re going to enrichyachtentrepreneurs” seeking to make a profit off our children.”

Dr. Tony Evers, head of DPI (Department of Public Instruction) earns $120,111 a year. His salary can not be raised while he is in office. On the other hand, the four top executives of K-12 Inc. together earned over $18 million a year.

CEO Jonathan Hage of the Charter Schools USA made so much profit off of public schools he bought a yacht. He calls it Fishin’ 4 Schools.”

What kind of sick society makes war on its teachers and makes money off of its students?

You can join No Vouchers Coalition by going to this address:

You may contact Pam Kobierlus, 715-536-7889 for more information.