No Choice?

I’ll be 77 in a few months. Supported Democratic candidates my entire voting life. Over half a century.
An oft repeated phrase now stands out to me as I think about how politics have evolved in America over
so many years: “The lesser of two evils.”

Since the 1996 presidential election, after Bill Clinton had begun abandoning working Americans in favor
of Wall Street during his first term in the White House, I feel have been voting for the lesser of two evils
for the Oval Office. It has become painfully clear after almost 30 years of doing so, that voting for the
lesser of evils is still voting for evil.

It is likely this coming November that Americans will be given a choice between Joe Biden and Donald
Trump for president. How does one even process this? That these two mentally ill, pathetic old men are
what the Democrats and Republicans have to offer as the President of the United States, speaks to the
absolute moral bankruptcy of both political parties.

We are being given a choice between a man who openly supports the cold-blooded murder of pregnant
women and helpless children in Gaza along with the perpetuation of endless wars around the globe, and
a sexual predator/con artist so lost in his own childish ego that his every word displays his ignorance and
stupidity. This is what we, as Americans, are being offered as our “leaders.” That we would even
consider such men brings shame to us all. The “lesser of evils” is blatantly evil.

At the age of 77, I will no longer vote for evil. I will be voting for Dr. Jill Stein, the only anti-war, anti-
genocide, pro-peace, pro-climate, pro-humanity, pro-Earth candidate. And I can hear the age-old
Democratic screech already – – – “if you vote for Stein you are voting for Trump!” Holding back the
disgust, my initial reaction is – – – does it really matter which of these sick old relics, Biden or Trump,
becomes president? But my real reaction is – – – You, Democrats, are Trump’s biggest supporters. By
giving the people of America Joe Biden as their only other option, You, Democrats, are Trump’s major

But there is another reality behind the upcoming presidential race. Since the introduction of
Reaganomic’s “trickle down” monetary policy, tax cuts for the rich, and Clinton’s move to Wall Street,
America is no longer a democracy. It is an oligarchy, a corporatocracy – government by and for the rich.
Through campaign contributions and control of major media, the rich and corporations buy and sell
“our” politicians. They do not care in the least whether Biden or Trump, the Democrats or the
Republicans, win the elections. Either way, they win. The “common folk” can be led to squabble over
emotionally manipulated irrelevancies and live with the delusion that their voice matters.

At the age of 77, I will longer vote for evil. I will vote for decency, and morality, and human dignity, and
peace. I will vote for the end of gross inequality, for the end of corporate and billionaire ownership of
what little is left of American democracy. I will vote for the millions of American children living in
poverty, for the homeless, for the families going bankrupt and losing everything because we have no
national public healthcare. I will vote for politicians that aren’t bought and paid for by the insurance
companies, the pharmaceuticals, the arms industries, the fossil fuel corporations, by the “too big to fail”
banks, by Wall Street and the billionaires. I will vote for my children, my grandchildren, and their children yet to come. I will vote for humanity and human endeavor. I will vote for hope. I will vote for our only home, Planet Earth and the precious life aboard her.

Because a majority of Americans are now so utterly disgusted with the Democratic/Republican Uni-Party
of the Rich, there is, for the first time, a realistic possibility that a third party, a party of decency, and
morality, and hope, can win. We do have a choice. For the sake of America, for the sake of all humanity,
please take the time to learn: