Citizen Action of Wisconsin’s Executive Director, Dr. Robert Kraig, Climate & Equity Director Rafael Smith, and North Central Co-op Organizer Joel Lewis met with Wausau Mayor Katie Rosenberg on Wednesday, December 9th. We all joined what Katie calls the World Peace Tour, and Organizer Joel Lewis learned that it’s hard to take a screenshot while giving a peace sign.


He also learned that no matter who you’re meeting with, a double peace sign photobomb is not out of the question! The meeting was to discuss the lay of the land in Wausau, in terms of working toward the use of more renewable energy and a greener future.


How this pertains to all people in the greater Wausau area was also a part of the discussion. We are so grateful to have had the time to have this discussion with Mayor Katie, and look forward to continuing to work toward a green and equitable future in Wausau.


Much of the Citizen Action of Wisconsin Field Team and some of their Co-op Organizers participated in the 2nd Session of the People’s Action Movement Builder’s Conference. This event brings Organizers from all across the country together to celebrate victories achieved through our collective work, and to work together to identify future goals and ways to implement them.


As Organizers, we can sometimes feel like we’re on an island, all alone doing this work. Not only do these conferences help you hone in on your organizing skills, but it helps you to realize that you are not alone.


You are one piece of a movement that is much larger than yourself! Together we are strong and we can move mountains if we stand together.