Move To Amend Approved By Wausau City Council

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The Wausau City Council put the Move to Amend Petition on their agenda for the meeting on August 13, 2014.  Many supporters came to witness the outcome.  Milt Pachal spoke to the Council saying that they had over 600 more signatures than necessary and other communities in the area had asked them when they could also sign a petition.

Clearly there was united support as Council members spoke in favor of the initiative and thanked the Pachals and citizens for all their hard work. After discussing whether they should proceed with a resolution or a referendum they decided that citizens would be best served if this went on the November ballot in the form of a referendum.

A unanimous vote followed by Wausau City Council members. The referendum will be on the November election ballot.  Congratulations to all Wausau City Council members, the 55 citizens who worked to get signatures and the citizens of Wausau who signed the petition!