A letter to the editor:

Minnesota’s Governor Dayton did just the opposite of Wisconsin’s Governor Walker. Dayton raised taxes on the super wealthy and corporations who had already received the huge Bush tax cuts, and the results speak for themselves:

Minnesota ended 2014 with a $1.23 Billion Surplus that is expected to keep rising

Wisconsin faces a $2.2 Billion Deficit for 2015

In the past 25 years the nation’s economy has grown by 83 percent, and workers today produce twice as many goods and services per hour on the job as they did in 1989. But after adjusting for inflation the typical family income hasn’t budged. Far too many Wisconsin citizens are unaware of what is actually happening in this state and for that matter the country. The likes of Bush/Cheney and Scott Walker are digging the graves of the American Middle Class.

Whose fault is this? Is it the Republican Party that has been bought and paid for by the wealthy and big corporations? Is it the “too big to fail” Wall Street banks, the Wall Street financial firms, the mega insurance companies? Or is it the citizenry of Wisconsin and America that have tuned out what is happening in our country?

The uninformed are easily led astray and too many Americans pay little attention to politics. It is a fool’s paradise for the corporate media. Wisconsin voters were duped.

Dennis Klinkhamer

Clear Lake, WI