March Forth to Earth Day By Building Unity

For immediate release: March 1, 2022



March Forth to Earth Day – Starts on March 4, 2022 (World Day of Prayer*)

Statewide Organizers:

Tim Cordon – Building Unity – 608-630-3633 –

Grace Quinn – Sunrise Fox Valley – 920-460-5808 –


March Forth to Earth Day – In cities and towns all across Wisconsin

Starting March 4th and continuing EACH FRIDAY through Earth Day, April 22, communities across Wisconsin will hold simultaneous climate justice assemblies of solidarity with the Indigenous-led movement to stop Line 5 and other threats to Mother Earth. To date, there are over 15 communities participating in this project – some at noon, some at 5:00 p.m. Their safely distanced outdoor public assemblies will be as unique as the communities holding them.

All of the gatherings will attempt to connect to virtual gatherings that will also be streamed to Facebook at

The goal of this ambitious show of unity is to sound the alarm – We are in a climate emergency and for the sake of the younger and coming generations, we need to act accordingly!

We call upon all leaders and policy makers to do whatever it takes to defend our sacred Earth. Nothing short of dramatic and sweeping societal changes can save us from an unthinkable future.

And specifically, we are calling for:

  • no new expansions of fossil fuel infrastructure.
  • Enbridge to remove its failing pipelines from Wisconsin and stop polluting and threatening the treaty lands of Wisconsin’s First Nations people.
  • all leaders and policymakers to facilitate rapid and massive investments in the transition to clean and renewable energy sources.

To do anything less, would be a flagrant violation of treaties with sovereign nations and a total disregard for safety and wellbeing of future generations.

For a list of the actions, locations, and start times, go here:

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* In honor of World Day of Prayer and the important role that prayer plays in the movements to protect Mother Earth, both the noon and 5:00 PM virtual assemblies will open with words of prayer and hope from a variety of faith traditions. We will then make brief virtual visits to the communities that are holding in-person assemblies and give each of them a chance to share from their March Forth to Earth Day assemblies.

For more information, call 608-630-3633 or write to