Marathon County’s Ka Lo: Keynote Speaker at State OWR Convention

Marathon County Board Supervisor and the head of the Marathon County Progressive Dems, Ka Lo, was invited to be the keynote speaker at Our Wisconsin Revolution’s (OWR) State Convention.

Among other critical issues, she discussed the Marathon County Board’s decision to raise its own compensation even while a significant number of its constituents live in poverty, the unfortunate outcomes that occur in elections when progressives are unfairly shut out, and the need to strive for workers’ wages that allow citizens not simply to survive, but to thrive.

“While more than 50% of Marathon County residents live in poverty, the county board voted to give themselves raises. Isn’t that what the progressive uproar is all about? When people pay themselves with taxpayer money while the taxpayer is living in poverty.” - Ka Lo

Watch the entirety of Ka Lo’s June 23rd speech in Kenosha on