Lifelong Republicans: Let’s return to Grand Old Party

This letter is intended for lifelong Republicans who dislike what the party has become under Trump. If you still support conservation, local control, small government, fiscal responsibility, and using bipartisanship and compromise to help identify and solve problems please reconsider your vote.

Election integrity is under fire, not from nonexistent “voter fraud”, but from gerrymandering and laws which deny legitimate voters access to ballots and the polls.  Republicans are not willing to stop there. Republican states seem intent on refusing to recognize popular results of elections. They are poised to allow state legislators or governors to refuse to certify electors if the outcome of the election is not what they want. 

The Republican candidate for governor in Wisconsin will not promise to certify election results, presumably because he intends to overturn those results if he does not like them. America used to mock nations whose leaders routinely canceled or disregarded election results. We are dangerously close to becoming one of them. 

Polls indicate that roughly one-third of Republicans reject Trump’s big lie. Many Republicans are dismayed by what happened on January 6th.  If you are in this group and resent being sneeringly dismissed as RINOs by right wingers who dominate your party, I would respectfully suggest a vote for the blue side.