Life is Better With a Union

Life is certainly better when you belong to a union.  We were so fortunate to have Congressman Mark Pocan speak at our AFSCME Convention. His message was loud and clear: get out and vote. There is so much on the line.

Union members generally make more money. We fight for fair wages and equal rights for women. Union members believe healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Our group of retiree’s support Medicare and Medicaid so seniors and the most vulnerable have access to quality care. Anyone who works all their life should be able to retire with financial security. We fight to protect pensions and Social Security.

In a union, we stand together, as many of us did during Act 10. Being in a union is about being respected for the work we do. It’s about being safe and protected on the job. It’s about always having someone to turn to if something’s not right, because labor rights are human rights.

I am proud to be a union member and to be among people who are passionate and dedicated to making life better for everyone.