Knock it Off With the Greenwashing

I must commend the many people who are stepping up to the plate in Marathon County with concerns about their drinking water. Recently Green Light Metals has again tried to put themselves in the forefront saying they are here for the green economy. Marathon County residents are too smart to be “green-washed.”

The Inflation Reduction Act itself is not a cure-all for bad mining practices of the past. I only hope the IRA monies will go for education and technology. Let’s try to learn better and less invasive techniques for mining, not hand out subsidies to mining companies. Let’s push those auto manufacturers to be accountable to us, the public, for safe practices. Let’s put people’s water safety over profits.

The Reef Deposit in Marathon County does not contain any zinc, which was added to the critical mineral list. It is nothing more than a gold deposit. The Bend Deposit in Taylor County does contain some copper, but it is less than one percent of all the United States production, making it hardly worth it. Furthermore, copper is not rare nor is it in short supply. Let’s not tear up the Chequamegon forest looking. We also would do so much better as a nation if we made recycling more worthwhile.

Green Light Metals would not qualify for any subsidies for mining “critical minerals.” Please check out the Inflation Reduction Act where the 10% tax credit for production is listed.  The mineral must be produced and then sold before filing for the tax credit.  For example, it requires that zinc be purified to 99% pure or better and then sold. It seems clear to me then that a mining company would only be able to get the credit at the end of the process and not prior to production. Whatever Green Light Metals would produce is very small compared to any global output, and most of the economic numbers given, by a certain congress person in this state, were and are very erroneous too, as they do not consider any starting costs.

Again, all I see is more greenwashing by a mining company. I am still with, prove to me first that you can do this without polluting, because you cannot. Our communities are saying we should not have to sacrifice clean water. Water Is Life.

Here is a good summary of the critical minerals and what you need to know: