Americans all know Russia is aggressive, populated by Slavic barbarians, and their leader, Putin, is a mad gangster out to dominate the world. The Chinese are just as bad. Their leader, XI Jinping, is friends with Putin. Need one say more? We need to hate these people.

But Americans also believe in fairness, a level playing field. Since the U.S. has placed missiles near Russia’s boarders in Poland and Romania (Ukraine was next) just 5 – 7 minutes flight time to Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other major Russian cities, Russia should put missiles back in Cuba. And as the U.S. is placing arms and missiles on the internationally recognized Chinese island of Taiwan, China should be placing missiles and armaments on the U.S. Island of Puerto Rico. You know, just fair play.

Naturally, if some great U.S. leader like Nancy Pelosi decides to visit Taiwan to spread more “democracy” Russia and China should immediately send delegations to Cuba and Puerto Rico to discuss having them join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization or the St Petersburg, Russia International Economic Forum.

Mustn’t forget the US warships in the Taiwan Straits or the U.S. nuclear capable bombers regularly flying along Russia’s borders. Without question Russia and China should have aircraft carriers and guided missile ships patrolling the Gulf of Mexico and America’s east and west coasts. Forays just outside the legal limits of Long Island or the Chesapeake Bay might be as fun for New Yorkers and residents of D.C. as U.S. warships are for the people of China. And think of the excitement of a Russian bomber flying out of Cuba to join the ships. Of course, all of this would be just like America’s actions in Asia – purely “defensive.”

Finally, since the U.S. regularly conducts massive war games in Poland and South Korea, Russia and China should join forces and conduct similar war games on the U.S. border in Mexico. And since the U.S. has surrounded both Russia and China with permanent military bases, these nations should do the same in Mexico and Canada’s Maritime Provinces. Again, all “defensive.”

Naturally, Russian and Chinese media need to mimic U.S. corporate media and begin blaring:

“America is being aggressive! Aggressive! Americans are mixed-breed mongrel barbarians! Biden is a ruthless thug! Repeat! Repeat!”

When American leadership can no longer tolerate being surrounded by missiles just minutes from incinerating New York, D.C., Chicago, L.A., Houston, Boston, San Francisco, etc., President Biden will sensibly need to follow the example set by President Putin when in Dec. 2021, he sent the U.S. State Dept. written negotiation points for addressing the growing threat to Russia from the continued arming of Ukraine by the U.S.

As described by Jack Matlock, the last U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union before it was dissolved:

“What President Putin is demanding, an end to NATO expansion and creation of a security structure in Europe that ensures Russia’s security along with that of others, is eminently reasonable. He is not demanding the exit of any NATO member and he is threatening none.”

At this point Russia and China will need to treat Biden’s concerns as U.S. leadership treated Putin’s: Ignore him. Biden and the U.S. are hardly worthy of a response from great countries like Russia and China.

As Russia and China continue to expand their “defensive” armaments and Russian trained forces on U.S. borders, the threat will become intolerable. The U.S. will have little choice but to attack Mexico. Russian and Chinese media must immediately begin screaming:

“The ruthless American have attacked Mexico! This was entirely unprovoked! Unprovoked! Their thug leader Biden plans to take over all of South America! We Russians and Chinese need to provide the poor Mexicans with more and bigger arms. We’ll fight the American hoards to the last Mexican! Repeat! Repeat!”

So, there we have it – a nice level playing field. Mutually assured hate.

Of course, only half of this story is true. Neither Russia nor China have taken any of these actions against the United States. But the United States has taken all of these actions against Russia and China.

One is reminded of the words of Martin Luther King Jr. speaking of America:

“The greatest purveyor of violence in the world: My own Government, I cannot be Silent.”

Truth is dangerous. King was assassinated.