As we approach the beginning of a new year, you can find any forecast you wish, from negative to positive. You surely can find a forecast that suits you.

I would like to share a view from Cameron Trimble:


She tells the story of four rabbis. An angel visited them and carried them to the seventh Vault of the Seventh Heaven. There they beheld the sacred Wheel of Ezekiel.

One Rabbi saw such splendor that he lost his mind and wandered about the earth in madness. He could not handle such splendor from the other world.

The second Rabbi was very cynical and said that nothing had happened. He just dreamed about Ezekiel’s Wheel. That was all. He dismissed the whole thing.

The third rabbi was totally enthralled with Ezekiel’s Wheel and went on lecture tours, talking about it nonstop. He intellectualized it, but couldn’t carry it over into his own life. In his way he went astray and betrayed his faith.

The fourth Rabbi, who was a poet, wrote song after song praising the evening dove, his daughter in her cradle, and all the stars in the sky. He lived his life here on earth better than before.


Cameron Trimble believes that we are living in a “time of great cultural awakening. We are living in a time of institutional breakdowns and breakthroughs.” We are asking the big questions: what is life? Why are we here on earth?

“We are seeing the rising of a mythic imagination and a link between a past story of a fearful humanity that is consuming and killing our planet to a new story that embraces balance, generosity and deep respect for all of creation.”

But the new imagination brings a shadow. “The old tribal gods in their dictatorial posturing. We see the rising of populism and fundamentalism that offers a false sense of security in the face of radical global awakening. We are watching what will be close to their last stands.”


We are helping to shape the new story of living in harmony with our Mother Earth and all creatures on earth.

May you see the splendor as the fourth rabbi and live your life better than before.


(Rev. Cameron Trimble is the author Piloting Church, Helping your Congregation Take Flight)