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RePower Madison, a citizens action group in the Madison area, is asking people to sign the petition linked below asking Madison Gas and Electric executives to establish a “full and fair community conversation.” Although the results of the petition were to be delivered on January 26th,the petition is being left open beyond this date and can be signed by any concerned citizen.

Contact: Mitch Brey, 920-323-9585

Date: January 26 2015

More than 750 Customers Deliver Petition to MGE asking for a Fair Community Energy Conversation

A petition in response to MGE’s disregard for community values when they restructured rates in a way that hurts low-energy users and reduces incentives for energy efficiency has been circulating the Madison community recently.

The petition with over 750 signatures asking MGE to establish a full and fair community conversation will be delivered to MGE executives on Monday, January 26, 2015 at noon.

The customers who signed the petition are asking MGE to follow 3 provisions in the design of the community energy conversations:

  • An independent moderator
  • A fair and full opportunity for all stakeholders to be heard
  • Establishment of a plan to meet 25% renewable energy by 2025

Madison’s energy future is too important to be left to MGE executives alone.

In October, MGE sent a letter to its customers pledging to listen to the community on MGE’s future energy plans. In the 4 months since, MGE has not followed up on their promise or released any details on how they will truly listen to the community.

“The community is clearly growing impatient with MGE,” said Mitch Brey of RePower Madison. “Madisonians want a utility that responds to the community and fully embraces clean energy.”

“The number of signatures was not without purpose,” said Mitch Brey of RePower Madison. “750 represents the number of participants in MGE’s previous community engagement process in 2005. Failure to recognize the interests of so many community members puts the integrity of MGE’s efforts into serious doubt.”

The petition crafted by RePower Madison is at




RePower Madison was organized by citizens who oppose MGE’s billing scheme & support customer options for renewable energy & energy savings.