We need to elect officials who will take responsibility for maintaining our public schools and roads. It is unbelievable that local school districts need to hold referendums for money to maintain schools.

Seventy-five percent of Wisconsin people support public schools. They realize that public schools are the core of our community and our democracy. We ordinary people are responsible for our property. We take care of broken windows and leaky roofs. In the same vein, public officials need to understand that maintaining our public schools is the order of the day. School maintenance should be automatically on the state budget, not something that schools districts beg for.

We need to approach our roads and bridges with the same line of thinking. Roads are needed for a healthy economy. Bad roads hurt our quality of life, as well as our vehicles. Damages to vehicles from bad roads amount to $449 per driver. In our case, we paid 4 times that much.

Bad roads are a safety issue. Safety and health for all people should form the core of any state budget. People should not put up with bad roads year after year.

A recent report shows the poor condition of Wisconsin roads and bridges. Wisconsin ranks 15th in nation for worst roads.

Roads in poor condition: 11.0% (We’re the 8th highest)

Deficient bridges: 8.7% (24th highest)

Dams at high hazard risk: 20.3% (24th lowest)

State highway spending per driver: $449 (20th lowest)

In this election time, we need to vote for officials who understand the need to maintain our public schools and roads.

Source: USA Today, August 13, 2018