Happy 10-Year Anniversary Middle Wisconsin

As we move toward the end of another year, I find myself reflecting…..

I received the greatest phone call one night. It was my activist buddy Matt. I hadn’t heard from him in a year or so. Times and causes change, people change interests, people move. This was a flood of memories for both of us from Act 10 to the early days of Middle Wisconsin. Matt, his wife, Jen, and I go way back.  There was a trip to the Penokees once with nothing but a bag of honey crisp apples. To this day, those were without a doubt the best apples I ever ate. We talked about everything we learned that day and how we still apply it now to what is going on.  We’ve been blessed with some great teachers along the way, Paul DeMain, Nick Vander Puy, Penokee Pete, Barbara With, and Frank Koehn, and countless others, too many to name all!

We reminisced about the recall efforts years ago and how Don Roberts got us down to Madison in a blizzard to be there for the delivery of the signatures. We told staff that day he was my husband so he could join in on all the fun with us; after all, he earned it. We talked about the senator and the governor that we worked hard to oust. The thought of how we all met; and all the people we have met along the way, the Dorothy’s, the Rita’s, the Carolyn’s, the Joyce’s, Tom’s and Dave’s….again, too many to name all.

We have all worked hard for democracy, we stood up for what we believed in; and still do. The work we do election after election. Our think tank, our Women for Women, our In Your Own Backyard, and so many causes like labor and climate, to mention a few. We have proven how people can compromise; working together.

Caught up in a wave of emotions and good memories, we are thankful for those we still have with us. We think about those who fought like hell and are no longer here. There are far too many of us to mention everyone; but each and every one of you matter, you know who you are. You have played a big part.

Middle Wisconsin thanks you for reading. Thank you for every one of you who has had a part in its longevity. Happy 10-year anniversary Middle Wisconsin.