Spring elections are just around the corner and generally have a low turnout. It seems so many people vote in a presidential election but not in their local races. Are you aware that local and state governments have a more direct power over our everyday lives than state and federal elections?  Take a look at municipal races, the people you elect for these positions are deciding zoning policies, transportation, and roads in your area, as well as parks, policing, and libraries! School board races are another important race. Elected people here are looking at how to recruit, retain and compensate teachers and other staff. Our school boards had some tough decisions to make these last two years when it came to Covid policies. Your vote decides a student’s respect based on race, creed, and gender. Please, choose carefully my friend.

What are you excuses for not voting? If you are not sure where to go to vote, it is as easy as typing in your city or village. Here you can find your polling place, how to obtain an absentee ballot, early voting, and you can even see a sample ballot of who you will be voting for. is brought to you by the League of Women Voters. Here you can register to vote, verify your registration, and even find out what is on your ballot. Yet another to check out is . Here you can find your next election, what is on your ballot and this site goes a step further with how to become a poll worker. What better way to be involved and see how elections run and dispel myths of stealing votes.

We all want to see our community as a strong force, a place where everyone feels safe and a place where your tax money is spent wisely. Most of all, our communities should be a place where everyone is treated with fairness and respect. Everything here starts with one thing: your vote. Your vote can create change. Sometimes local elections are won by only a few votes; make one of those votes yours. Look at your options, who is on your ballot? Are you registered and do you know where to go? It’s all at your fingertips, make a plan and get out and vote.