You’ve heard of “Democracy Spring”? This is an invitation to participate in a “Freedom Summer” – progressive freedom, that is! For those of you who aren’t current subscribers to my Progressive Values Messaging service, you are missing a great opportunity to participate in our “Freedom Summer.”

In order to counter the current authoritarian in the White House, progressives need to start communicating freedom from our perspective – where we feel a moral sense of responsibility for the freedom of others. After all, democracy isn’t just about you, or me, it’s about all of us. The resources I provide my subscribers on a daily basis are focused on helping you reach people with a progressive message of hope, change, and real freedom across a host of issues.

EVERY DAY, subscribers receive the “Daily Dose” – a blog about how to connect with people through progressive values on current issues. And I always respond to questions, comments, suggestions, and requests!

EVERY MONTH, we convene for a live webinar, where we discuss best framing practices and ideas for connecting with people through our values.

There’s more just for subscribers – live chat events, updates on the latest cognitive framing research, and archived videos and presentations for easy reference.

As an incentive for NEW subscribers, respond to this email with the phrase “Freedom Summer”, and I’ll provide you with a FULL SERVICE, one year subscription for $75 (full price is $100).

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You can go to my website for more information (, or email me with any questions.

Thanks for all you do, and I hope you’ll join us this Summer!

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