Fear Mongering

The Republican Party wants us to fear Mandela Barnes, but what frightens me is the prospect of another
6 years of Ron Johnson in the US Senate. Despite looming global catastrophe, Johnson remains a climate
change denier of the first order, calling it “ bullsh*t ,” doubling down on fossil fuel production, confirming
judges who gut the EPA’s ability to regulate greenhouse gases, and consistently voting against climate
action legislation, most recently the transformational Inflation Reduction Act.
In Mandela Barnes, I see a talented leader who, as chairman of the Governor’s Task Force on Climate
Change, brokered agreement among farmers, utilities, local governments, businesses, Indian tribes,
environmental groups, and regulators on a comprehensive climate action plan. He stands ready to bring
his passion for the issue and his leadership abilities to the Senate to fight for a habitable future for our
If we don’t want to hand our descendants a world overwhelmed by drought, wildfires, massive flooding,
extreme heat and storms, widespread disease, food and water shortages, coastal cities submerged by
rising seas, millions of climate migrants, and governments bankrupted by the cost of addressing these
calamities, we must defeat Ron Johnson and elect Mandela Barnes as our next US senator.