Fear Mongering and Hate Will Divide Communities

If you are truly for equality, let’s disband all the County Board Committees that include non -elected citizens, or keep them all.

If you truly think we don’t need to deliberately nurture relationships between races, faiths, ethnicities, and gender identities because we’re “all good” in Marathon County, then you should be really surprised and angered that a rabid segregationist has come out publicly spewing his fear mongering and hate that brutally divides our community.

If you honestly believe someone should have the right tool for the right job to accomplish a task successfully then you shouldn’t have a problem with equity.  I am not quoting Karl Marx here, it is my dad.

And if you truly believe our democracy should uphold our freedom of speech then you will condemn the suggestion to limit public comments at Board meetings.  Our elected officials are beholden to serve us and respond to our concerns over their own personal and political agendas.

I continue to research statements from the Rev Dr Martin Luther King, Bible verses, and the meanings of empty demonstrations of ultra -patriotism that could justify someone disagreeing with my logic but have yet to find any.

I can only conclude that such a hypocritical and dishonest stance originates from rationalizations based on ungrounded fear, a hopeful but false sense of security from a harsh dehumanizing system in decline, and deliberate telling of lies and vitriol that only serve those who benefit the most from dividing us.

To find them one just needs to follow the money.