Earth Day 2023

Even the most die hard science fiction fan has to admit that Earth, at least in our solar system, is the most exotic destination in the neighborhood.  No where else does such complex life exist, and in such stunning profusion.   By comparison, our companion planets look pretty bland.  It is life in all its diversity that sets our home in this starry universe apart.  How fortunate we all are to share this singular and extravagant gift with one another – something to celebrate, certainly something to protect.

Your local Citizen’s Climate Lobby Chapter and NAOMI will do just that at 10 o’clock on Saturday, April 22 at Tenth Street Park in Wausau.  We, and you if you join us, will celebrate Earth Day with our annual tree planting ceremony.  Planting a handful of trees,  some fruiting, some not, while not an endeavor that will save the world will, all the same, sequester some of the carbon in the air that is unhinging our climate.  Down the road some of those trees will help feed the children and other folks who come to play in the park.  At the same time they will add natural beauty in the neighborhood, feed and house birds and all manner of life and add oxygen to the mix that is the air we breath.  Not too bad for a morning’s work.

We thank our city’s Mayor, Katie Rosenburg, who will dedicate those trees.  We thank our indigenous friends who will offer a blessing before we plant and the teams who will do the planting.  Those teams represent the wonderful diversity that is Wausau, from Hmong, to Hispanic, Black to Indigenous, White and LGBTQ.  Organizations too, who care about this world and and it’s citizens, will lift their shovels in salute to this source of life and our unity in its care and protection.  This year we are particularly honored to have a planting team from our city’s Synagogue.

Following the planting all are invited to join a talking circle where we can share our environmental concerns and actions in support of a livable planet Earth.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to share their thoughts.  We have much to learn and much to do if we are to pass on a healthy planet to our children.

Lastly, we must thank the Parks Department, without whose help and guidance our Earth Day celebration in Wausau would not be possible.

If you care about the world we all love and depend on, please come and celebrate Earth Day 2023 with us.