Demand a New Approach in Iraq

  • Iraq Protest

President Obama’s decision to sent 300 special forces “trainers” to Iraq is taking us back to war and the same mistakes of the past. It will not help the situation in Iraq. We spent 11 years “training” the Iraqi police and military. Why do we think 300 can do now what 150,000 could not do before?

The deteriorating situation in Iraq proves that our intervention and occupation failed. It did not build a stable country. It did not promote democracy. It did not defeat extremism or curb terrorism. It only killed people and wasted money. Why do we continue to throw good money after bad? Why do we continue to think social and political problems have a military solution?

But the military industrial complex and the foreign policy establishment are ready to do it again. They are a hammer looking for a nail. They have only one solution for all problems.

The American people must demand a new approach. Until we rise up in huge numbers and insist on political and diplomatic solutions, nothing will change. Call, write, or email President Obama today.